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How is the USA Govmnt dealing with the Steel issue?

The new USA government started firstly doing all the things that he promised he would do while in campaign.  One of such things is to mandate for any and all pipelines to use USA steel.  For many, this is a situation that is not recommendable, not only because of the low competition that USA steel has but also for the high costs that the low competition can provide.

While they would be creating more jobs on the surface, underneath and on the hard-core truth is that the even the jobs that are already alive would be in peril.  On one hand, USA Steel industries would need more hands to extract, process and market the steel, but on the other, the same buyers would be facing the need to let go of their employees to keep competitive prices and their own companies afloat

Therefore it will be interesting to consider whether or not the current administration will, in fact, fulfill the promises they made to the constituents or will they will just make a show of smoke and mirrors.

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